Call to Hotels

Launching November 18, 2021 and running through December 9, 2021.


No Vacancy is a contemporary art happening that celebrates artists, provokes critical discourse, and invites the public to experience Miami Beach’s famed hotels as destination art spaces / temporary galleries.

NO VACANCY is an open, international art competition which takes place in Miami Beach for three (3) weeks. Twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in prizes will be awarded, which includes a $5,000 prize awarded entirely by public vote and another $20,000 prize awarded by a jury of art experts. The City of Miami Beach will select at least ten (10) applicants to participate in the program. Each selected artist will receive a stipend of $10,000 to materialize their project. This stipend is all inclusive and must allow for ALL expenses.

Any artist working in any medium from anywhere in the world can submit credentials. Art is exhibited throughout a select number of hotels in Miami Beach- lobbies, restaurants, lounges, patio areas, rooms, balconies and swimming pools may serve as the canvas. A curatorial advisory committee will select a pool of artists for participating hotels to consider. Cultural Affairs staff will work with the participating hotels to match the artist and venue, as well as serve as the project manager throughout the process; the artist is responsible for all installation, shipping, transportation, and fabrication coordination and expenses. The artist and hotel will work collaboratively to select an easily accessible public area located within the hotel property for exhibition of the work.

No Vacancy is committed to providing art experiences that are accessible to everyone, free and open to the public. Public voting will take place through an online social media platform.

Total Project Budget:

$10,000 USD per artist. The selected artist is responsible for fully developing and installing the project within the allocated budget which must be inclusive of design, engineering, fabrication, shipping, installation, insurances, and any other cost associated with the implementation of the work. The selected hotels will not receive any funding for hosting the artist and their project, but will be included in promotional materials for the program.


Selected hotels located within Miami Beach, FL. The selected artist will work collaboratively with Cultural Affairs staff and participating hotels to determine specific locations.

Anticipated Project Schedule:

Opportunity Announced & Promoted –June 14, 2021

Application Deadline – July 23, 2021

Curatorial Advisory Committee – August 2021

Notification to Selected Artists – August 2021

Notification to Selected Hotels – Late August 2021

Installation – November 5-17, 2021 (Fabrication and installation schedules may vary depending on selected project and location.)

Project Opening – November 18, 2021

Project Closing – December 9, 2021

***Please note, the exhibition period is before, during, and after Art Week, Miami Beach 2021

Hotel Partnerships:

For the second year of No Vacancy, up to twelve hotels will welcome art interventions into their public spaces, depending on funding for this project. The participating hotels will be located within walking distance or easily accessible by the Miami Beach trolley transportation system. City of Miami Beach Tourism and Culture department will work collaboratively with participating hotels and artists to assist in coordination and provide project management.

Eligible Hotel Venues must:

  • Be located within the geographical boundaries of Miami Beach
  • Be open and accessible for at least the minimum required hours with free, unimpeded access by the      public
  • Be ADA compliant
  • Be willing to dedicate at least 100 sq. feet with at least 8 feet of height clearance to the project.
  • Meet federal, state, and city codes (and have no outstanding code / BTR violations).
  • Sign a Hosting Agreement with artist exhibiting at their hotel.
  • Must be willing to provide oversight, on-site management, a dedicated on-site point person and security watch for the duration of the installation
  • Allow full rights to photograph the artwork and venue during the event to be used for promotional purposes of No Vacancy, City of Miami Beach,      CAC and VCA.

The City of Miami Beach and VCA are not responsible for any damages that could occur to the hotel during the event. Each host hotel will need to name the City of Miami Beach as an additional insured entity on their General Liability insurance policy. The City of Miami Beach and VCA are not responsible for artwork left in the venue after the event.

Required Minimum Hours for Exhibition of Artwork:

During the event, participating hotels are required to be open and accessible to the public for at least the minimum required hours listed below - hotels are welcome to stay open beyond the required hours, so please choose your space accordingly (if attendees cannot access a space without a security card, please do not choose that space – public spaces work best for this sort of activation). If the artwork is located outdoors or the exhibit can be experienced as intended from the outside, you do not need to keep your facility open to the public, so long as the Artwork is accessible and viewable during the minimum ‘Hours of Operation’. Outdoor locations will only be suitable for artworks that can sustain exposure to the elements.

Hours of Exhibition (November 18, 2021 through December 9, 2021):

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Friday & Saturday: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sunday: 12 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Hotel Staff and Volunteers:

Hotels may choose to make use of hotel staff or volunteers to promote the exhibition, keep the doors open, answer questions, provide security, or guide visitors through the hotel, and we strongly encourage all hotels to involve their community in hosting. It’s important to note that No Vacancy, City of Miami Beach, VCA or CAC does not provide volunteers for on site management at each individual hotel. Venues should arrange for their own support during the event, so please take that into consideration when applying to be a host venue.


The hotel and artist are responsible for insuring the artwork.

Instructions for Submitting an Application:

Submissions must be received as a complete application on the Submittable website by no later than the advertised deadline. All materials will be submitted online, via Submittable. There is NO application fee to apply or to use the Submittable online application system. For general Information about how to create or use a Submittable account, visit

I. Please submit up to five (5) images of overall hotel property. At least two images must clearly define the 100 square foot space that will be dedicated for display of artwork. Hotels may submit multiple options for display of artwork.

II. II. Brief description of hotel property, including hotel occupancy and any amplification hotel is willing to do on behalf of the project / installation.

Hotel Selection and Curatorial Advisory Committee:

A curatorial advisory committee will be comprised of a six-member panel: The City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places Committee (2), City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council (2) and Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (2). The Committee will evaluate all submissions and will select a pool of artists based on the quality of previously completed projects, artistic accomplishments, and anticipated project budget. The primary evaluation criteria will be previous artistic accomplishment as demonstrated in images of completed work samples, experience, and/or initial approach to the project as demonstrated in the preliminary project statement. If appropriate, the City reserves the right to recommend an artist directly from initially submitted applications. Hotel properties will be recommended by the same Committee and will be selected according to appropriateness of site for placement of artworks.

We welcome partnership opportunities. Please contact Brandi Reddick for additional information.

City of Miami Beach