Artist and Cultural Residencies in Miami Beach Commercial Districts

The City of Miami Beach is investing in the revitalization of Miami Beach commercial corridors with an experiential cultural artist residency within vacant spaces. Open House will activate empty spaces in Miami Beach commercial districts by attracting, retaining and supporting the revitalization of our artistic community.  Privately owned vacant spaces will serve as free workspaces, studios, exhibition space and communal areas that encourage dialogue and collaboration. In collaboration with participating property owners, Open House will provide the space and support necessary for peer to peer collaborations to emerge and breed new art forms that benefit the City’s entire artistic community.

The goal of Open House is to entice artists to Miami Beach and unite residents and businesses through art. The project is geared toward stimulating Miami Beach commercial corridors by providing a place of connection, forging a point of interest, and allowing artists to fabricate a space for exchange among a cross section of creative influencers and the community. We encourage artists to sell work, increase their network, collaborate with Miami Beach institutions and exhibit their work. We encourage property owners to bring innovative cultural business to Miami Beach, through this project, and create a place for cultural tourism.

Open House will provide free space and financial support to qualifying artists and non-profit cultural organizations. A stipend of $2,500 will accompany each occupancy to cover anticipated costs, which may include:

· Moving expenses;

· Insurance, supplies, parking and utilities; and

· Marketing and publicity.


Open House is an open call to artists and invites artists of all disciplines and non-profit cultural organizations to participate.

Any artist working in any medium or discipline, including but not limited to visual arts, music, dance, drama or other performing arts; painting, sculpture, media arts, photography, or other fine arts; graphic arts/design; costume design; fashion design, or other creative disciplines can submit credentials. Any non-profit cultural organization can submit credentials. A curatorial advisory committee consisting of three (3) members of the City’s AIPP Committee and two (2) members of the Cultural Arts Council will select a pool of up to seventy-five (75) artists and non-profit cultural organizations for participating property owners to consider. The selected artist/organization and property owner will work collaboratively on all other aspects of occupying the space.

Total Project Budget: $200,000.00 USD

($2,500 USD per selected artist or non-profit organization)

The selected artists and non-profit organizations are responsible for any additional costs, above $2,500, associated with the implementation of the project. Artists who are successfully “matched” with a participating property must agree to activate the vacant space for a minimum of thirty (30) days, based on the Artist’s activation proposal (submitted as part of the Artist’s application). The activations may include use of the vacant space as an Artist studio, performance space, or exhibition space to display and/or sell their works, in an effort to promote cultural dialogue and exchange.

Open House is committed to providing art experiences that are accessible to everyone, free and open to the public, and is committed to re-inventing Miami Beach’s commercial corridors.

During the residency, participating arts and non-profit organizations are encouraged to be open and accessible to the public for the suggested hours listed below - spaces are welcome to stay open beyond the suggested hours. Determination of extended hours will be the responsibility of the occupant and property owners. If the artwork is located outdoors or the exhibit can be experienced as intended from the outside, the space does not need to be kept open to the public, but it must be accessible and viewable during the suggested ‘Hours of Operation’.

Suggested Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The hours of operation may vary and will be mutually agreed upon by the artist and participating property.  Each activation will be required to participate in Culture Crawl, a citywide Miami Beach program which takes place once a month on the third Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


Commercial corridors of Miami Beach, FL, including, but are not limited to Washington Avenue, Lincoln Road, 41st Street, and North Beach. The selected artist/organization will work collaboratively with Cultural Affairs staff and participating property owners to determine specific locations.

Project Schedule:

Opportunity Announced & Promoted –October 16, 2020

Application Deadline – November 13, 2020

Selection of Finalists– November 16-20, 2020

Open House Begins- December 2020


Open to professional artists in all disciplines and non-profit cultural organizations.  Artists who demonstrate innovative, contemporary and creative approaches to their work are encouraged to apply. The quality of the work, strength of the concept, design capabilities and established track record of successful project implementation will be considered of highest priority. All mediums will be considered.

Non-profit, 501(c)(3) cultural organizations and cultural departments within an institution of higher learning (college or university) with tax-exempt status under other subsections of 501(c)(3) wishing to present or produce cultural and artistic events in the City of Miami Beach are eligible to apply.


Submissions must be received as a complete application on the Submittable website by no later than the advertised deadline. All materials will be submitted online, via Submittable. There is NO application fee to apply or to use the Submittable online application system.

I. Please submit no less than ten (10) images/videos/links of previously completed work. Please accurately identify medium, dimensions, date, location, client/agency, size, budget, completion date, and a brief written description. The Submittable system will prompt you to enter this information with each uploaded image. NOTE: Artists must submit a complete application to Submittable.

II. Project Statement Detailing Initial Approach to Project

III. Artist Statement or Mission Statement for Non-profit organizations

IV. CV  (For professional artists only)


A curatorial advisory committee will be comprised of three members from the City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places Committee (AiPP) and two representative(s) from the City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council (the “Committee”). The Committee will evaluate all submissions and will select a pool of applicants based on the quality of previously completed projects, artistic accomplishments, and cultural impact. The primary evaluation criteria will be previous artistic accomplishment as demonstrated in images of completed work samples, diversity of programing, experience, and/or initial approach to the project as demonstrated in the preliminary project statement.



The City of Miami Beach is not responsible for any damages that could occur to the property during the event. The City of Miami Beach is not responsible for installing artwork or for artwork left in the property after the event. Participating properties are required to be open and accessible to the public unless the artwork can be experienced as intended from the outside.


The property owner and artist are responsible for insuring the artwork. Given the limited budget, it typically makes the most sense for a property owner to insure the artwork as an additional rider to the existing policy.


Participating property owners are encouraged to allow occupancy of no less than 30 days. The exact term of lease will be negotiated between the property owner and selected artists/non-profit organization. The City is not involved in lease negotiations.


The City will develop marketing initiatives to further promote and publicize Open House including, but not limited to, traditional marketing and communication tactics on all City channels and developing signage and other collateral to further encourage public engagement.


Only artists and organizations selected through the Open House process and operating in a recognized Miami Beach storefront are eligible for the $2,500 stipend.


This activation is subject to the City of Miami Beach POP-UP permit process. For additional information, please click here.


Any commercial property with available vacant space and a final certificate of occupancy may participate in the program Property owners with vacant spaces who would like to participate in the Open House program should contact Rickelle Williams, Director, Miami Beach Department of Economic Development at or Gedel Merzius, Redevelopment Specialist, Miami Beach Department of Economic Development at 

City of Miami Beach