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The City of Miami Beach, through its Tourism and Culture Department, request qualifications from professional artists to create a temporary work of public art to be located on the sands of Miami Beach. The selected artist will design a unique artwork(s) that will contribute to the identity of Miami Beach, engage visitors and residents with a promotional or instagrammable moment, while also promoting the City’s resiliency and plastic free initiatives. The artwork should function as a useable recycling structure that encourages interaction from the public, by making recycling “fun and cool”. We are looking for artists that can elevate recycling structures into community driven works of public art and ensure the concept and design integrates seamlessly with the surroundings. This structure will need to be fully operational and consideration needs to be given to how existing City staff would be able to empty (if required) and maintain the structure, or clearly call out if the purpose of the structure is to slowly fill over time, allowing participants to be part of the recycling legacy they see in front of them.

In considering materials, proposers should visit http://www.mbrisingabove.com/, which provides information on “Plastic Free” Miami Beach and other sustainability initiatives being implemented by the City of Miami Beach. Proposals contrary to our initiatives in terms of materials used, will not be considered.

Total Project Budget: $100,000.00 USD

The selected applicant is responsible for fully developing the project within the allocated budget which must be inclusive of design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and any other cost associated with the implementation of the work. 


Miami Beach, FL. The selected artist will work collaboratively with City staff, including the Department of Environment and Sustainability, to determine specific location.

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2019

Eligibility: Open to professional visual artists only.  Artists who demonstrate innovative, contemporary and creative approaches in addressing site specific, temporary works of art are encouraged to apply. The quality of the work, strength of the concept, design capabilities and established track record of successful project implementation will be considered of highest priority. 

Why is Miami Beach discouraging the use of single-use plastic?

Miami Beach is a unique coastal community that sits between the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the ecologically diverse Biscayne Bay.  As a city that is rich in natural resources, we understand the importance of keeping our streets, waterways, and ecological habitats healthy. The reduction of single-use plastic will help protect these natural elements by:

· Decreasing the demand on natural resources to produce plastic;

· Reducing the production of greenhouse gas emissions;

· Protecting wildlife from ingesting plastic debris/litter

· Reducing litter in waterways and beaches;

· Allowing the city’s storm water system to function adequately and debris free

What has the City of Miami Beach done to reduce the use of plastic?

Three ordinances were adopted to support the City's waste reduction and recycling goals, promote environmental health, protect wildlife, and conserve resources. In conjunction with these ordinances, the city is launching the #PlasticFreeMB campaign along with a certification program for businesses to pledge to reduce and/or remove certain types of plastics from their establishments.

· Ordinance 2017-4068 This ordinance prohibits the sale and use of expanded polystyrene (also known as Styrofoam) within the City and includes: parks, beaches, city-owned facilities, sidewalk cafes, special event permits, city marinas, unencapsulated docks, buoys, platforms, piers and boat ramps.

· Ordinance 2018-4205 extends the existing single-use plastic straw/stirrers ban from beaches to all city properties, including marinas, parks, piers, docks, boat ramps and sidewalk cafes (as well as contractors and special events permitees). The ordinance does not allow for biodegradable or compostable plastics as substitutes

· Ordinance 2018-4208 will prohibit the use/distribution of single-use carry out plastic bags on the right of way and to sidewalk café patrons.

Anticipated Project Schedule:

Opportunity Announced & Promoted – May 2019

Application Deadline – June 26, 2019

Selection of Finalists/Proposals – July 2019*

Design, Fabrication and Installation- July 2019 – October 2019**

*The City of Miami Beach reserves the right to waive final proposals, should a clear winner be apparent from the first round of applications. The City of Miami Beach reserves the right to accept no design applicants, if we feel that none are the right fit for the community.

**Fabrication and installation schedules may vary depending on selected project.

Instructions for Submitting an Application- 

Submissions must be received as a complete application on the Submittable website by no later than the advertised deadline. All materials will be submitted online, via Submittable. There is NO application fee to apply or to use the Submittable online application system. For general Information about how to create or use a Submittable account, visit http://help.submittable.com/knowledgebase/articles/225218-how-do-i-submit

I. Please submit no less than ten (10) images of previously completed visual arts / structural work. Please accurately identify medium, dimensions, date, location, client/agency, size, budget, completion date, and a brief written description. The Submittable system will prompt you to enter this information with each uploaded image. NOTE: Artists must submit a complete application to Submittable.

II. Project Statement Detailing Initial Approach to Project

III. Artist / Design Professional Biography



The City of Miami Beach will evaluate all proposals and will award based on overall proposal, the quality of previously completed projects, artistic accomplishments, and anticipated budget. The City of Miami Beach may identify a small number of finalists who will be paid an honorarium to further develop specific proposals. The primary evaluation criteria will be previous artistic accomplishment as demonstrated in images of previously completed work, experience, and/or initial approach to the project as demonstrated in the preliminary statement. If appropriate, the City reserves the right to recommend an artist or designer directly from initially submitted applications.